Personalisation service details

This Local Government website is running the loGo_net Personalisation Service

The loGo_net Personalisation Service is specifically designed to help Local Government organisations provide recommendations to website visitors on the pages they might find of interest and a list of pages recently viewed.

Every time you look at a page on a local government website which is running the loGo_net service, the loGo_net Personalisation Service looks to see if you have a loGo_net Cookie (Cookies are harmless, very small text files - your browser will automatically send it if you have it). The Cookie contains a unique number.

We do not know who you are and will never try to find out. We just know that the Cookie which your browser sends us contains (for example) number 12345.

We log the pages which this number views and then try to work out from those page views what sort of services or information you seem to be interested in. We call this your 'Profile'. We then make some recommendations. The intention is to make sure you find the services and information you need to find more quickly and more easily. We also show you a list of the pages 'your number' recently looked at in the current month so that you can quickly and easily find those pages again when you come back to the website. This page view history is deleted every 30 days.

Your Privacy Controls

Your privacy is important to us and we provide you with full control over whether or not your page views are tracked by the loGo_net service and whether or not the service makes personalised recommendations on the other services and information you might find of interest.

We need your permission to provide you with a loGo_net Cookie to save your 'profile' between visits.

The loGo_net service uses Cookies to save your profile and develop it every time your visit the site. Without your permission to use Cookies, your profile is lost every time your close your Browser and we cannot offer you or save your 'Opt-in/Opt-out' selections. If you would like to receive the full loGo_net service and have the option to Opt-in or Opt-out of different aspects of the service, please click 'Accept Cookie'.

Further information

If you have a specific question about this service, please email: